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Infrastructure work begins in Wateridge Village

If you have walked, cycled or driven by the site lately you may have noticed some construction activity. Canada Lands is beginning the required infrastructure work that will support the residents and homes in this new community. Some of the works include sewers, water management systems and roads installation.

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  • Apr 26 2016

Project Update

CLC’s redevelopment of the former CFB Rockcliffe, now known as Wateridge Village, is entering its first stages of construction. Since our last update we have been receiving the approvals from the City of Ottawa and other government agencies that are necessary before we can commence construction. Those approvals have included:

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  • Mar 15 2016


Today Ottawa City Council unanimously approved the Former CFB Rockcliffe Community Design Plan, Official Plan Amendment, Secondary Plan, Master Servicing Study, and Low Impact Development stormwater management pilot project. Canada Lands Company looks forward to the next stages of this exciting new community, including further approvals, development, marketing and sales. 

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  • Oct 15 2015

Big news to share!

Big news to share! We are thrilled to announce that today the City of Ottawa Planning Committee unanimously agreed to recommend that Ottawa City Council approve the Former CFB Rockcliffe Community Design Plan, Official Plan Amendment and Secondary Plan. City Council is expected to consider approval of these plans on October 14.

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  • Sep 22 2015

City of Ottawa Planning Committee to Consider CDP Approval September 22

The City of Ottawa has set Tuesday, September 22, as the date when its Planning Committee will consider the Former CFB Rockcliffe Community Design Plan (CDP), Secondary Plan, and Official Plan Amendment (OPA). The City has posted the Planning Committee agenda for the week of September 14 to 18 at:

Canada Lands Company’s public consultation for the redevelopment of the Former CFB Rockcliffe, which started in fall 2012, has resulted in a consensus based CDP. This mixed-use community, with residential, office, and local retail development, will transform the former Rockcliffe Airbase into a new, innovative, and complete community.

Once it is fully developed, the community will provide a wide range of housing types, with all the commercial and public amenities that will be needed to sustain healthy and active lifestyles in the 21st century. A key aspect of this community will be its integrated system of pathways, parks and natural areas, which will offer access to open space for everyone living or working in the community.

The 5,200 residential units that the City has targeted for this community will be built gradually over the next 15 to 20 years. During that period, the effectiveness of the roads, public transit, and other public services will be monitored, evaluated, and enhanced as development proceeds. A leading-edge Low Impact Development stormwater system, which will use vegetation and new technologies to manage water flows on the site, will also be monitored and adapted as new techniques in sustainable development emerge.

Once the CDP, Secondary Plan, and OPA are approved, the City of Ottawa Planning Committee and City Council will meet later to consider the proposed zoning, which is consistent with the CDP. The zoning and draft plan of subdivision approvals are anticipated later this fall. In addition to the official City of Ottawa notifications, Canada Lands Company will advise the public of these dates through emails and postings at

To receive email updates from Canada Lands Company on developments at the Former CFB Rockcliffe, interested members of the public may provide their names and email addresses in the “Quick Contact” box.

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  • Sep 16 2015

City of Ottawa Public Meeting

After three years of planning and consultation, the City of Ottawa is now commencing the formal approval process for the development of a new mixed-use community at the Former CFB Rockcliffe.

The public consultation process for the Former CFB Rockcliffe Community Design Plan (CDP), which Canada Lands Company started in Fall 2012, resulted in broad consensus on a draft preferred plan for the CDP in June 2014. The basic framework, design, and principles guiding the CDP have not changed since that time. Canada Lands Company has continued to collaborate directly with City departments and other agencies over the past year to address the technical requirements for the necessary development approvals. In February 2015, the City’s Technical Advisory Committee began its full review of the draft CDP and more than 30 supporting studies. The CDP is now ready for City’s official public review and approval process.

In addition to the CDP revisions, Canada Lands Company submitted draft plan of subdivision and zoning applications to the City of Ottawa on March 31, 2015. As part of the subdivision approval process, the City of Ottawa will host a public meeting to be held from:

  • 6:30 to 9:00 p.m. on Thursday, June 25,
  • at East Gate Alliance Church, 550 Codd’s Road, Ottawa

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  • Jun 10 2015

We’ve Submitted!

Public input received through Canada Lands Company’s consultation process, combined with the analysis of the technical agencies, has guided the project team in the preparation of a draft Community Design Plan (CDP) and associated draft preferred plan.

Based upon preliminary comments on a previous draft CDP and new information from the City of Ottawa, a revised draft CDP and all of the necessary supporting draft technical studies will soon be provided to the City.  Once the City determines that all of the documents are suitable for review, the City’s Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) will review the entire draft package.  When the TAC has completed its review, the CDP will go on technical circulation to outside agencies.  At that time, the CDP and supporting documents will be available on-line for the public to view and comment on.

A public meeting of the Planning Committee of the City will be advertised and those interested in making oral or written submissions will be provided the opportunity to do so. The Committee meeting is anticipated in early 2015.  

Canada Lands Company expects to receive City zoning and conditional draft subdivision approvals at that time, and will subsequently start the installation of infrastructure and services later in 2015. We anticipate that first sales to builders will take place in 2016. Serviced blocks of land will be sold to builders, who will in turn sell individual homes/units to homebuyers. Canada Lands Company anticipates the first residents will move into this community in 2017.

A complete draft of the CDP will become available following the City of Ottawa’s technical review. For now, a few key plans from the draft CDP are available in the Resource Library.

We also encourage you to stay informed by visiting our website regularly and by liking us on Facebook at:

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  • Sep 23 2014