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Development Strategy

The redevelopment will aim to create community spaces: above is a rendering of a proposed public area at Downsview Park in Toronto. 

The CLC team and project consultants have been reviewing past technical studies and plans in light of recent changes in:

  • the global economy
  • the regional real estate market
  • municipal infrastructure (e.g., moving Ottawa’s light rail transit system further away from Rockcliffe)
  • trends in sustainable development                             

The planning and development process will consider site conditions, servicing constraints, and market conditions, with the goal of creating a mixed use and sustainable community.  The large 310-acre Rockcliffe site offers many opportunities, as well as presents certain challenges that will ultimately affect the development strategy for the site.  These challenges include establishing the appropriate density of development of the site, given:

  • City of Ottawa plans and policies
  • land use and development context surrounding Rockcliffe
  • community aspirations
  • market conditions
  • capacity of infrastructure systems to support development

The City of Ottawa Official Plan maintains policies to achieve intensification on the site and other designated Community Development Areas within Ottawa’s urban boundary.  The target housing mix, sizes, number of and types of dwelling units and ancillary retail and commercial development will be finalized through a real estate market assessment.

With the public consultation process for Rockcliffe, CLC will be collaborating with interested parties in establishing a renewed vision for the site that will:

  • integrate itself with the existing community
  • commemorate the region’s Aboriginal heritage
  • celebrate the site’s aviation and defence history

CLC expects that the new plans for a mixed-use development at Rockcliffe will:

  • set exemplary standards for strong design and sustainable development
  • provide for an appropriate mix of housing types, commercial development and employment uses
  • create strong connections among significant natural features, open spaces, and urban public spaces

Certain built form, streetscape, and open space concepts will require consultation with various stakeholder groups, both within the city and in the broader community.  The integrated CLC team of planning, engineering, urban design, and landscape architecture consultants will play a significant collaborative role in the visioning and design of the new Rockcliffe community. 

The urban design and landscape architecture concept for Rockcliffe is expected to create a vision for the future community character, including:

  • open space, parks, sports fields, playgrounds, and urban squares
  • pathways and cycling paths to connect neighbourhoods within Rockcliffe to the surrounding communities and Ottawa’s overall Greenspace Network
  • street plans and streetscapes
  • development blocks and land use patterns
  • mix of housing types and appropriate densities
  • local commercial, retail, and employment uses
  • built form and building types
  • improved links to existing and planned urban transportation networks and the communities surrounding the site