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AOO Agreement

The legal agreement between CLC and the AOO provides a framework for an ongoing relationship and the realization of mutual benefits as the Rockcliffe project is developed.  This plain-language overview of the Participation Agreement summarizes many of the ways in which CLC and the AOO agree to cooperate throughout the planning and development processes.

AOO Interest

CLC will engage the AOO in direct consultation and information sharing in advance of community open houses in all stages of concept development, land use planning, and detailed design of the various phases of development of the Rockcliffe lands.

Consultation Working Group

The AOO and CLC have established a joint working group (the “Consultation Working Group”) with a mandate:

  • to act as a bridge between the AOO and CLC throughout the implementation of the Participation Agreement
  • to oversee the consultation process between the AOO and CLC as set out in the Participation Agreement and, in particular, during pre-marketing consultation periods

The Consultation Working Group:

  • is composed of equal representation from CLC and the AOO
  • meets as frequently as agreed by CLC and the AOO
  • is a forum for discussion, information sharing, and consultation

Commemorative Opportunities

The Consultation Working Group is engaged in identifying  ways in which the Algonquin presence can be reflected on the Rockcliffe lands.

The history and connection of the Algonquin People with the Rockcliffe lands may be recognized through:

  • installation of commemorative elements
  • design of park spaces
  • naming of streets

Through the Consultation Working Group, CLC and the AOO will jointly coordinate public unveilings of these initiatives.

CLC recognizes that a commemorative opportunity on parkland overlooking the Ottawa River is of particular significance and interest to the AOO.

CLC will participate in broader regional initiatives with the AOO, the City of Ottawa, the NCC and other groups regarding possible commemorative opportunities relating to the Rockcliffe lands.

Employment Opportunities

CLC will consult with the AOO to identify First Nations students in fields of study related to real estate, who may be considered for co-op work terms or for summer employment.

CLC will provide opportunities for AOO-funded students to work with CLC to gain valuable work experience.

Procurement Participation

CLC and the AOO will maintain an active list of eligible First Nation companies with the capacity, capability, experience, and financial strength:

  • to provide consulting services
  • to undertake various elements of servicing (e.g., road construction and landscaping)
  • to undertake the construction of the planned Rockcliffe development

CLC will ensure that qualified First Nation companies are informed of any tenders CLC is directly responsible for issuing.

CLC will receive proposals from qualified Algonquin companies.

CLC must respect its contracting, marketing, and sales policies.

AOO Acquisition of Lots

Once CLC has received all approvals for each development phase and has subdivided and serviced lots:

  • CLC will notify the AOO of lots or blocks available for each development phase
  • CLC will engage the AOO in a pre-marketing consultation period
  • the AOO and CLC will identify lots or blocks to be included on an available lots list
  • the AOO will give CLC a notice of interest to buy lots or blocks from the available lots list
  • the purchase price of designated AOO lots will be based upon fair market value
  • negotiations will be subject to the dispute resolution provisions of the Participation Agreement